Saturday, February 1, 2014

Everlasting Love

My jewelry is now available at Everlasting Love Artist Co-op at 24th and Treat St., in the Mission, SF. Valentine's Day is coming up, so you better go get your geometrically-inclined naturalist lover a little something from Lintu!

Wood Dodecahedron Necklace (LN031)

Wood Dodecahedron Necklace - Dark wood bead with pink seedbeds and square brass tubes, brass clasp

Crystal Triangle Necklace (LN030)

Crystal Triangle Necklace - Faceted crystal hangs from brass triangle, two types of brass chain and brass findings

Crystal and Brass Necklace (LN029)

Crystal and Brass Necklace - Crystal pendant with white seed beads and floating brass tubes, brass findings

Black and Gold Chevron Necklace (LN028)

Black Chevron Necklace - Black and gold-filled Japanese delica beads in peyote stitched chevron flag shape, gold-filled chain and findings, approx. 16"

Brass Curve Necklace (LN027)

Brass Curve Necklace - Yellow turquoise with curved brass tube and brass findings

Black Triangles Necklace (LN026)

Black Triangles Necklace - Jet black triangle beads on either side of multi-strand brass chain

Wood Chain Necklace (LN014)

Wood Chain Necklace - Wood chain with wood dodecahedron beads on brass chain with brass findings

Small Diamond Necklace (LN013)

Small Diamond Necklace - Brass diamond, tube, and findings on orange silk thread

Black, White, and Gold Flag (LN012)

Black, White, and Gold Flag - Black, white, and gold-filled delica beads peyote stitched into a chevron flag shape, with gold-filled chain and clasp, approx. 16"

Equilibrium Earrings (LE010)

Equilibrium Earrings - Brass bars hang from gunmetal chain with gunmetal ear wires

Aventurine Triangle Earrings (LE009)

Aventurine Triangle Earrings - Aventurine triangles hang from brass bars and gunmetal ear wires, approx. 2"

Hematite Arrow Earrings (LE008)

Hematite Arrow Earrings - Hematite chevrons and brass tubes hang from gunmetal earwires, approx. 1.5"

Pyrite Triangle Earrings (LE004)

Pyrite Triangle Earrings - Pyrite triangles hang from brass chain and gunmetal ear wires, approx. 2"

Suspended Triangle Earrings (LE003)

Suspended Triangle Earrings - Brass triangles hanging on gunmetal chain from gunmetal earwires, hang approx. 1.5"

Scale Earrings (LE002)

Scale Earrings - Brass triangles suspended from brass earwires, hang approx. 1.5" long