Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lintu jewelry now at Curator!

You can now buy Lintu jewelry at Curator in Noe Valley, San Francisco! Curator is definitely one of my favorite stores, with their own clothing line as well as selected goodies from other vendors. Check out their website here (, but visit the store if you want to see Lintu!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Everlasting Love

My jewelry is now available at Everlasting Love Artist Co-op at 24th and Treat St., in the Mission, SF. Valentine's Day is coming up, so you better go get your geometrically-inclined naturalist lover a little something from Lintu!

Wood Dodecahedron Necklace (LN031)

Wood Dodecahedron Necklace - Dark wood bead with pink seedbeds and square brass tubes, brass clasp

Crystal Triangle Necklace (LN030)

Crystal Triangle Necklace - Faceted crystal hangs from brass triangle, two types of brass chain and brass findings

Crystal and Brass Necklace (LN029)

Crystal and Brass Necklace - Crystal pendant with white seed beads and floating brass tubes, brass findings

Black and Gold Chevron Necklace (LN028)

Black Chevron Necklace - Black and gold-filled Japanese delica beads in peyote stitched chevron flag shape, gold-filled chain and findings, approx. 16"

Brass Curve Necklace (LN027)

Brass Curve Necklace - Yellow turquoise with curved brass tube and brass findings

Black Triangles Necklace (LN026)

Black Triangles Necklace - Jet black triangle beads on either side of multi-strand brass chain

Wood Chain Necklace (LN014)

Wood Chain Necklace - Wood chain with wood dodecahedron beads on brass chain with brass findings

Small Diamond Necklace (LN013)

Small Diamond Necklace - Brass diamond, tube, and findings on orange silk thread

Black, White, and Gold Flag (LN012)

Black, White, and Gold Flag - Black, white, and gold-filled delica beads peyote stitched into a chevron flag shape, with gold-filled chain and clasp, approx. 16"

Equilibrium Earrings (LE010)

Equilibrium Earrings - Brass bars hang from gunmetal chain with gunmetal ear wires

Aventurine Triangle Earrings (LE009)

Aventurine Triangle Earrings - Aventurine triangles hang from brass bars and gunmetal ear wires, approx. 2"

Hematite Arrow Earrings (LE008)

Hematite Arrow Earrings - Hematite chevrons and brass tubes hang from gunmetal earwires, approx. 1.5"

Pyrite Triangle Earrings (LE004)

Pyrite Triangle Earrings - Pyrite triangles hang from brass chain and gunmetal ear wires, approx. 2"

Suspended Triangle Earrings (LE003)

Suspended Triangle Earrings - Brass triangles hanging on gunmetal chain from gunmetal earwires, hang approx. 1.5"

Scale Earrings (LE002)

Scale Earrings - Brass triangles suspended from brass earwires, hang approx. 1.5" long